All Human Failings

by Skin Like Iron

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    All Human Failings is a 7 song 12" EP, released in February of 2009 by Free Cake Records.




released February 15, 2009



all rights reserved


Skin Like Iron San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Exanimation (Transit III)
As the enormous weight is finally unchained / It crashes and falls at an infinite rate / The peace that was once lost in the fray will be reclaimed

We endured a nightmare to see a new day / The winds bring change / The rains erase the memories and tragedies of history / Cast off the past

Weathered the storm and its deafening noise / The havoc it wrought, the treasures destroyed / Recover then revel in the disheveled waste / Winds bring change, the rains erase

The tumbling rubble that all else succumbed to becomes calm in the bleak, blackened dawn / Rebuilt and reformed, mended and mourned / The rules that defined us now rewritten, reborn

All human failings obliterated / All human failings erased
Track Name: Peace Extinction
React and descend, no longer confined / The rewards of hatred satisfy / The nature of hatred is natural indeed / Let it seethe, then go to sleep

Bloodlust: If a drop is like a gift to their hungry tongues
What must a mouthful then do?

They see flesh as a feast, it's vulgar and bleak / Consumption of anything that bleeds / The parched, now quenched, are satisfied for a while / So they sleep once again until they're stirred by the thirst

Bloodlust: If a drop is like a gift to their hungry tongues
What must a mouthful then do?
Track Name: Wisdom IV
Trust all destruction, natural or not
Crawl deep through the depths
Fall from the top
There are didactic truths in the failings of time
These didactic truths serve as unlikely guides

Shrouded and subtle but certainly wise
Such luminous sights finally realized

Trust in the chaos of time
The betrayal of nature divides survival from life
Believe in the fleeting scenes
Watch these dreams as they pass through your eyes