Descent Into Light

by Skin Like Iron

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    Descent Into Light is a 10 song 12" LP, released in June of 2010 by Six Feet Under Records.




released June 1, 2010



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Skin Like Iron San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Descent Into Light
Battle the body, so slow and plodding / The years spent fighting have become so daunting / Imprisoned, enslaved—beg for the grave / Beyond the bleak, release is achieved

Searching for peace / Escape, go  free / This is more than a need to simply leave

Finding the strength to turn the key is beyond the reach of the weak / Don’t linger or stay; when you’re beckoned—obey / Succumb to the motions of liminal moments like these

Searching for peace / This is more than a need to simply leave / Escape, go free

Close your eyes, reconciled / Begin descent into the light / Awaken, arrive / Begin descent into the light
Track Name: Violent Trauma
Unrelenting / Never ending / The assault goes on and on and on / We once suffered under the glow of the sun / But now it seems so cold / A dull grey haze dims the days and douses the light

Forever winter now / Forever / Forever the blackest night

Violent trauma crushes all